27 May 2012


This is how they look like. Sinurambi, the dwelling place of the Dusun long ago. (Well, not quite- some Dusun in some villages still live in huts like these). I haven't seen these in my (father's) kampung for years, except in the tumoh (farms). Not in the actual housing areas, in which the houses you can see are the standard brick/wooden combination. This year, the Kaamatan organizers came up with this wonderful idea of having 'most impressive sinurambi' competition. I would say this is not one easy competition. A lot of efforts and time are involved, but the villagers delightedly participated. They were divided into groups, and it took them days to build their sinurambis. Not an easy task at all. Selecting the best bamboos, manata' (flattening the bamboo in order to make the floor and walls), putting the parts together. The architecture might not seem much, but I am proud to see these. To me, this is one of the most meaningful aspects of kaamatan. Popotungkus do koubasanan kumaa doid sukod wagu (passing down tradition to the young generation).
(The winner of the most impressive sinurambi competition) I regret not being able to go back to my kampung (duty call). Thankfully hubby shared these pics. Kotobian tadau kaamatan folks. May the year ahead is abound with blessings and fruits of your labour!