17 December 2014

Christmas gifts for my young ladies!

How time flies! It's going to be Christmas next week and I'm not even halfway done with my Christmas shopping. Every year I will try to get the perfect gifts for my kids: now 2 young ladies and a pre-teen boy. Imagine, just a few years ago they were these small and would be content to get toys or books for their Christmas gifts!

 Not anymore! "Mom" has more headache trying to get them the right gifts. Then mom come across this link christmas gifts online items, and voila! problem solved! (Shhhh...the girls can't know about this or their surprise will be ruined!)

These gifts are really exciting for the feminine ladies-the girly girl type which loves everything related to fashion and cute stuffs. Are my girls the girly types? Hmm...at times yes. The girl in blue, Arielle has grown to be a 14 year old who loves dresses. She is quite choosy though. As they say, a dress-girl dresses in a way that portrays their elegant yet adorable character. Oh, that's so my Arielle. 

As for Sandra, she does love dresses but since she is a big-sized girl, it's not always easy to get her sizes (well, she takes after her mom. We plus sizes are sometimes not so lucky). But hey, this site has our sizes! Hallelujah :)

And make-ups too! Sandra and I love make ups. Being the new era teen, she has some tricks that her mom doesn't know...so mom has resorted to learning to put on make-up from her. Especially mascara and eye-liner. Oh well, every woman will always need makeup. Whether the basic essentials or a complete set consisting of lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow or palettes, a woman will always never say no to a makeup gift set received on Christmas. The vain me needs make up for work to help cover up a few spots on my tired morning face. The need doubles up for dinner events, and weddings. Haha I am not that feminine but I will never be caught out without at least having a slight hint of makeup on. Vain vain vain. I guess I'll get some make-ups for my own Christmas gifts as well...

Oh, and the bags are just awesome! For a bag person like me, this is perfect! There's only one small problem though. I get so blinded by the vast array of choices they offer. At times like this, this tip is useful "Choose a handbag which closely represents the  character of the person, and let them show it off in front of others. The tip to select a perfect handbag is to purchase a handbag with sleek detailing with an expensive appearance. For a safe choice, opt for colours such as black, cream, white or brown..." I've always thought that you can never go wrong with black anyway :D

Gifts taken care of for my young ladies. Still left with the headache of getting one for the boy and the Dad. In fact there're also others to get for other family members in kampung, as the big extended family will gather again at my mom's place this Christmas. (My mom has had a total-knee-replacement operation on 24.11.2014. As it is she is still not very mobile, so everyone kindly offered to come over to her house for our family Christmas (another typical Dusun gathering with lots of foods, drinks (moderate hopefully!) and musics. Oh gosh, I think I'm starting to get into the mood. Yay!)

Merry Christmas all. Here's wishing you joy, peace and love!