13 April 2010

the colour white

Looking at Maia the car this morning, I decided that her wash is well overdue. Well she's white and the muddy road condition since the past few days of rain had ensured that she looked messy. So I took her to the car wash a few blocks away from home. It wasn't opened yet but the lady who sells kuih at a stall nearby told me to just park the car there and give the key to the man wearing a white shirt sitting under the tree.

So off I went in search of a man in white under the tree. There were two men, one wearing a blue shirt, and the other, pale grey. I looked at them and it occured to me that probably the lady means grey when she said white. After all she is obviously a Dusun, judging from her accent when she speaks Malay. I remember that my late grandmother would call any pale colour 'white'. And there's even a type of chilli that to me is pale-yellow, that the Dusuns call lado do topurak "white chilli". I asked them if any of them happens to be the owner of the car wash, and true enough, the man in grey is!
(my lado'd topurak, after two weeks in the fridge!)


TataJane said...

ow yaaa...it suppose to be pale yellow kan..dr dulu they called it 'lado do topurak' so mcm trus xpikir sdh pasal real colour nih..haha...

Anyway i miss that lado!

Verone said...

hehe...since u're coming back for that holiday in sipadan soon, maybe ada chance makan lado'd topurak :-)