18 May 2011

excuse me- karud?

I've always have it in my mind that a man referring to his wife as karud (literally 'female buffalo' in my dialect at least, and 'sow' in many Kadazandusun dialects) is very rude. But it was quite a common practice some years back. I remember my father's friends referring to their wives as that. For some reason I never heard of my father using that term. Perhaps that's where I got my idea that it is a derogatory word.

Apparently not everybody thinks so as I've just learned a few days ago. I was told that in some Dusun villages, karud is used as an endearment. A man's referent to his wife. Which makes me seriously think why is it that a female buffalo or a sow is associated with a wife? Is it the breeding aspect? Or the loving nature of the mother animals? I certainly hope it's not because of the expansion of one's body after childbirth.

Somehow, I still think that it is weird being compared to a sow. If ever my husband refers to me as one, I'm sure I'll give him the cold shoulder for a few months!


TataJane said...

OMG..hahah..i seriously thought Karud means wife..hahahah!

kombura said...

Certainly 'Karud' does not refer to the "expansion". hehe.

Malays used to refer to his wife as 'Orang Rumah', which literally means 'Persons that stays at home'. However, since almost all 'Orang rumah' are also working persons nowadays, they started to change the reference to 'Isteri' or "Mak Budak". ;)

In Dusun society, apart from reffering one's wife as 'Karud', they also use the term 'Tama di [Name of son/daughter]', or 'Tama'd Tangaanak] which is a much polite refference, and some will refer directly by name, which usually used when making the reference to someone known/close to the wife.

Or so i thought. ;)

Titing said...

it is rude to use the term 'karud' for me personally..but, it sounds funny when i heard my neighbour called her wife ~ karud..as if there's no other sweet term to use :D

Haryati Molly @ Tunung said...

Actually lots of Dusun man still using the term of "karud" when referring their wife but only among men themselves.. Actually I have once asked my father why Dusun men like to refer their wife with such rude name and my father said that for them it is actually an endearment to their wife..
Well, I never heard my father called my mother or stepmother with this karud term but I did noticed when his friend asked, "Honggo dih karud-karud nu?" , my father just said, "hilo walai."
Yet, to me it still offend me if my hubby ever refer me as ~karud!

jew said...
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jew said...


Anonymous said...

term of endearment,I guess it's not wrong in using it on lady human because they are far different in meaning from those originally intended at. by the way, Darwin was not wrong in proposing his evolutionary theory-different stage provides different functions even if they came from a single source of existence. Aah toi ?.....:)

Verone said...

All- thanks for the enlightening comments hehe...seems that 'karud' is a common term of endearment then :)

Darwin's theory is certainly applicable in many aspects of life :)

Dylon said...

LMAO...i tot it was a sweet word for wify...damn