05 January 2017

Back to Blogging (2017): rambling on New Year resolution and theme

Happy New Year 2017! My self-imposed blogging-exile is over. I've missed my blog and because life is short, am determined to write stuffs because writing is one of my passions.

We, the Dusun, generally aren't very good with resolutions. Either we don't make them at all, or we just don't achieve them, like yours truly. "And why is that?", you would wonder. Some years ago I blogged on the culture of not making plans for fear of evil spirit's interference. I supposed we the modern Dusun people must have subconsciously absorbed the cultural belief; hence, the not-so-good with resolution (just my assumption, not proven by any empirical research).

I imagine that in those days secret resolutions might have been in the form of aiming to harvest more crops than the year before. Or perhaps during the head-hunting era, it could have been, aiming to "harvest" more heads of the enemies...(and the purpose wasn't to display the skulls as trophies, but some other deeper significant which is a blog topic for another day)...

Anyway, I do have my own personal theme for each year. That, might qualify as a form of resolution. As I wrote in my FB post recently, this year my personal theme is "Kindness and Compassion, good-samaritan-style". It was inspired by the kindness I experienced when my car horn malfunctioned and kept on blaring on 2.1.2017. Hopeless, as my automobile knowledge is practically null, strangers around me stopped by to help disable the sound, showed me the parts related to the horn and advised me on what to do. That was enough to remind me that there are still many kind good Samaritans in the world. So I am convinced that if others let themselves be my angels, then I can let myself be others' angel too. That's how life works anyway.

Of course I cannot help the whole world. But doing my part for people I can reach out to should help the world. After all, it's the work of many small hands that create wonders. (BUT.., we should be wise in giving help. Besides the good people, there is a fair share of vultures out there).

Being fully aware of this, I am reminding myself that "it is in giving that  we receive".

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