24 March 2012

Datuk Masidi Manjun- a Dusun guy one can respect

I just came back from the launch of Fabian William's album, Id Pagandadan at the Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. Believe it or not, this is the first time I've ever attended an album launch. I have loved the experience. Fabian, as expected, performed excellently. In fact his voice is much better live.

Anyway, the album was launched by Datuk Masidi Manjun, the minister at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment. He himself is from Ranau, so it comes as no surprise that he is very supportive of the new artist. But one thing for sure, he is a person that one can really respect. I have attended a few functions in which he gives speeches, and at the end of each function, I always arrived at the same conclusion- his speech has substance.

At the launch, he honestly appraised Fabian's songs. 9 out of the 10 in the album he finds excellent. "Fabian's lyrics are deep (using 'deep' Dusun) and fresh", he said. And he reminded everyone present never to think "I am the best of the best" because out there, there must be somebody who's better than you, but they haven't had the chance to shine as yet. In short, he reminded everyone to always be humble, because humility will take us far.

I'm oblivious to what critics say about him. So far, what I've experienced with him were all positive. Intelligent, witty, humble, non-descriminative, to name some of his traits, I'll remain one of his steadfast admirers.


de engineur said...

Datuk Masidi's speech aside, I'm now really curious to check Fabian's album out. Need to sample some songs in youtube if any.

Off to youtube now..

HyatiMolly @ Tunung said...

Me too a steadfast admirer of Datuk Masidi Manjun.. I don't really know him personally but my big bro happened to work along with him.. =)

P/S: not yet heard the whole album of Fabian but I definitely love 'id pagandadan' track..

Verone said...

se-engineur- the songs in the album are really much better than the samples. And live, Fabian is a natural singer :) You can get his album from Poly Sound KK :)

HyattiMolly- can't say I know him personally either except for having been to his functions :) But that's enough for me to admire him as a person...he's cool.

Unknown said...

Datuk Masidi Manjun one of minister that is really supportive! He's doing job well done. Respect him forever