01 March 2012

Id Pagandadan

As the Dusun tradition goes, a person who makes the community proud is a celebrity in his own right. We like to fondly talk about the person, even if in actual fact we may never have met him. We'd try very hard to establish some kind of relationship with him, and we'd dig very hard till our mission is accomplished. It's quite amazing what one always discovers- he'd turn out to be a distance relative, a cousin twice removed, a neighbour, a friend of one of the family members, or even somebody that one of one's acquintances knows.

Today I'm basking in this tradition, for I am proud of the person who sings this song 'Id pagandadan' (While Waiting). Fabian William hails from my humble hometown, Ranau. He also happens to be a close friend of one of my brothers (see, I have unearthed one type of relationship :)) and his family is known to my family (another relationship). But best of all, his music is beautiful. I hope he'll produce more such beautiful music in the future. Way to go Fabian!


de engineur said...

Beautiful song indeed! Video clip is not bad.

Wud be great to just have the song/clip as it is, without the advert at the end.

jew said...

The advert at the end of the song actually is just to prevent music piracy. It won't appear in the original clip :)Go and get one. You definitely won't regret! peace :)

Verone said...

Anyway, I found a good use for the advert at the end in my KD classroom :). I made my students (all non-KD learning KD as a foreign language) translate it into KD and they had fun doing it hehe