08 March 2012

Thanks Tata Jane and Kastumized!

It's quite handy to have an IT expert in the family :). In ours, Tata Jane is one of them. And she enjoys designing things, hence the company Kastumized Kreations. Being a family member, yours truly gets freebies from time to time, like today. Tata redesigned my blog, and I say "yay, I like!". It's too bad Tata was born 10 years later than me, or else I would have hired her to customize my wedding stuffs. But perhaps it's not too late. In this era where everyone celebrates wedding anniversaries, I might just celebrate my Silver Jubilee in 9 years time and get her to design me something sweet.

By the by, this year in December, I'd be celebrating my 16th year of matrimony. Hubby and I are thinking of doing a special family photography session with all the frills. That way the kids will get to wear the bridesmaid dresses and a bridegroom suit. Then they can joke that they are in the pic on my wedding day. (I remember when Sandra, the eldest girl was about 4, she was looking at the family photo taken on my wedding day and puzzling over why she wasn't in the photo :)!)

Anyway,thanks Tata and Kastumized. People out there, if you are looking for something sweet for any celebration, look for Tata. She delivers what she promises!


Small Kucing said...

Yes, it's nice :)

TataJane said...

Glad you like it sist! Anyway credit to Cindy our Chief-of Big Ideas @ Kastumized for the design :)

de engineur said...

Yes it's nice. I like the simplicity of the new appearance of your page. Love the mt kinabalu on the header, like the on on mine.

Verone said...

Thank you, thank you...and a special thanks to Cindy the chief of big ideas in Kastumized! :)I like what you guys are doing!

cindy said...


So glad that you like it! And thanks for the mention of Kastumized in your post. ;D

PS: I read your posts and I must say.. I'm enjoying every read! Sedikit-sebanyak, I am learning new Kadazan/Dusun words already!

Verone said...

Hi Cindy,
hehe...glad you find something enlightening to read here. Hope to meet you in person one day soon!